How do we make Pluvo a reality?

Every step we take for creating a Pluvo product is the result of teamwork. We put time and dedication into every piece of clothing during all its stages, from printing to confectioning.



Pluvo works with guaranteed supplies and fabrics with of highest quality. All our materials are 100% Colombian.


Zippers and other

Forget about tangled or broken zippers, with Pluvo these problems are in the past! Our zippers and accessories are carefully chosen to fit each piece and give you the best experience possible.


Fabrics and waterproof technology:

We use the best fabrics we can find in the market, working with experienced suppliers who develop high-performance products. Innovation, research and versatility are their main characteristics.

Lafrepel & Lafseal

Lafrepel is a form of technology that is achieved through an invisible film which covers
the fabric and avoids liquid absorption and facilitates dirt removal.

Lafseal is waterproof technology that blocks liquids and protects the fabric, keeping the
user dry and comfortable.



Say goodbye to plastic bags! in pluvo we design our own reusable bags. They’re practical, comfy and perfect for storing anything you want!
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