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About Pluvo

Our story began back in 2016 in Bogota, Colombia, where a group of designers founded Pluvo with the idea of change the way we feel about rain, and transform it into something practical, elegant, fun and comfortable.

Pluvo was created to solve, our everyday climate obstacles: What should I do if I’m walking, riding my bicycle or just walking my dog and then, suddenly, it starts raining? I don’t have an umbrella!!! I really don’t want to leave the house, it’s pouring out. That’s why we decided to confront this challenge and, as a result, created an outstanding
design that adjusts to different age ranges and gender.

Pluvo rain coats are lightweight and easy to take everywhere. You can use it, not only for walking, but also for urban cycling around town. Our products are made with waterproof
fabric and high quality materials/supplies. We are a Colombian product, made by Colombians shared with the world.

Our Team
Pluvo is where it is thanks to its team, their dedication, effort and commitment. We give our best to this project.

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